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custom pc wall panel type from scratch

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    custom pc wall panel type from scratch

    Hello All

    I normally post questions regarding the structural component however my company does produce architectural drawings for small projects.

    I want (actually am) trying to create a custom pc wall panel from scratch for a project i am working on where i can control the depth and spacing of the ribs. i have attached a pic (pc-rib profile.png) of a sample of what i am trying to achieve. I do have some time to get this done but the sooner the better (you know the story).

    i started with an OTB wall type, duplicated and renamed it. I was then able to modify the wall assemble to show the different "layers" of the pc panel. (see pcpanelassembly1). Now at the bottom of the wall, if i use the split region tool to brake the rigid insulation and then the merge region tool to show concrete, revit then asks me for a thickness of the concrete, when i enter the value, revit will then put an additional layer of concrete in section (see pcpanelassembly2 shown in blue) this looks okay as i can control the depth of the vertical ribs. but obviously this is not what i am trying to achieve in plan or elevations.

    after reading some other posts, i have found that some individuals were using the curtain wall template to create their custom wall but wasn't sure if this the best method for me.

    Although some of you may already have done this and have a family for it. I would like to create this on my own with your help.

    Whom ever is able to provide some guidance/suggestion it will be welcomed.

    Thanks in advance
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    I think I am finally getting the hang of this revit stuff.
    Revit never cooperates when you're in a hurry

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