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New family Type not inheriting Global Parameter association

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    New family Type not inheriting Global Parameter association

    I can assign a bunch of Type parameters for a component family to defined Global Parameters in a project. This works well for my casework
    PanelThickness, ShadowLine, ShelfSetback, KickboardHeight etc. However when the Type is Duplicated within the project, the new type does not inherit the Global Parameter associations and the user needs to re-associate the parameters. Is there a way around this please?

    I guess an alternate question is: Is there a way to enforce certain Type Parameters across all Types in a family? I know I can set a Formula and Lock it in the Family Editor, but that means the operator has to edit the family to make a change. I would still like to be able to modify this in the Project environment - but across all types in a family.

    Thanking you in advance.


    This also happens when duplicating nested families so I do not think there is a solution. I could be wrong.

    You could try dynamo. see if its possible to duplicate and family type and redo its global parameters but I am not sure.


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