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Modelling a Boundry Wall

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    Modelling a Boundry Wall

    I need to model a boundry wall which is made of columns at 3mtr interval & brick panels of diff thickness between the columns. Requirement is shown in attached dwg & pdf files. Can it be model by Railing/curtain wall/Line family. Thanks for any help, how it can be model ?

    Attached Files

    Basic Walls, a couple of GEneric Model Face Based families, a Railing for the Top, and Model Groups, if it were me. No way i would try shoving all of that in a line baed component. Yuckie.
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      It means I should make columns, wall and railing seperetly and panels showing arch should be face base model ?


        What Aaron said, if the number of repetitions is not overwhelming. You could Group all of that and then copy it multiple times.

        Another approach would be to use a curtain wall with fixed spacing (3 meters + 1 width of the column), where you edit a Mullion to look like those columns in dimensions and materials, and create a curtain wall panel that includes the arch and the holes for those two "X". As the distance is fixed (3 mts) you could also try to include the railing/fence at the top as part of the curtain wall panel?


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