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Multiple nested families

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    Multiple nested families

    Hi everyone,

    I created a host family, with (nested) family A1, A2 and A3 in it.
    The nested families can be switched by the "Generic Models" method (see attached example).
    And now i would like to add nested family B.
    Family B should contain parameter formula's witch are different if A1, A2 or A3 is active.
    Is it possible to let family B know witch family A is active.
    I ask this because i would like to have a minimun off formula's in the host family.
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    Not in the way you are describing. Depending on what you're after... maybe. We've talked about this recently on RFo so you might search a little.

    You also might consider if nesting family B into A will get you what you need.
    Greg McDowell Jr


      Thanks GMcDowellJr,

      I have been searching, but i can't find it so far :crazy:. Do u remember some keywords/labels to search for.
      I have tried the nesting before, but this will result in other problems for me.


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