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Creating parameter in title block

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    Creating parameter in title block

    I am attempting to create a titleblock for our company specifically, and would like to set a parameter to label the total sheets in the project.
    I have a schedule on the title sheet that has the sheets and names included. In this schedule I set up a hidden category called "sheet index". Here I set the first sheet to 10, the second sheet to 20 and so on.
    Im not sure if creating a shared parameter in the label tab is the correct way to go about it, but was hoping that I could somehow link that to the "sheet index" to create a label that is automatically generated with successive values (in single integers, like 1,2,3 etc. of course).

    I am fairly new to revit, and setting up parameters especially. Please let me know if anyone has input on the best way/or link to achieve this.

    ---additional note:
    I would like the format to be "x" of "y"

    x= "sheet number"(parameter already available)
    y= "total sheets" (automatically generated by number of sheets in project)

    (just in case my previous post was not clear enough)


      You wont be able to get an Automatic generated amount....mainly because some sheets may not be part of the index....

      But, you can create a shared parameter for the titleblock, be sure you load it into the project/template too. When its time to print turn on the count in your sheet index, then take that number to fill in your Total Sheets parameter. Be sure you turn off the count before plotting.

      Sounds like a PITA huh? This is why a lot of folk have stopped using the Total Sheets in their titleblock.... I usually have a Master Index, the Sheet Index and a duplicate of the Sheet Index that shows the count. But I only use the count to make sure I have the right amount of sheets when I create my PDF for printing.
      Michael "MP" Patrick (Deceased - R.I.P)


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