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Multiple Area Scheme Scheduling?

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    Multiple Area Scheme Scheduling?


    Ive been using (and teaching myself) Revit LT 2013 for about a week now and have come across what seem to be limitations with the area/rooms and scheduling functions, which I'm hoping someone can help me work around.

    The main projects I work on are for a retail based client. Within the plans we create for them are various client specific areas and calculations. This was always easy enough in AutoCad using the 'Excel-like' tables but it seems almost impossible in Revit.

    For example, the client needs to know the "gross sales area" and "Nett sales area" (the nett area being the gross sales area minus the checkout area). They also need to know areas such as the "Total GIA", "Total GEA", "GIA excluding Lobby/Atrium" & "GEA excluding Lobby/Atrium. Revit however doesnt allow overlaying of areas or rooms to measure all of these scenarios.

    So far I have tried to create a set of parameters that are modifiable in the rooms/areas properties, so that I can calculate values within the scheduling view ie "Nett Sales" + "Checkout Area" = Gross sales area etc......This works, but is very long winded and requires alot of manual input and if this is the only solution, then Im better off sticking with AutoCad.

    Ive also tried to create various Area schemes....which allows me to create views showing different areas, but when it comes to scheduling, it wont accept multiple areas schemes.

    Is there something really simple that I am missing, or can Revit not do what I need it to do?

    I appreciate any comments or help you guys can give.


    I have not had to use this before but I thought that's what the area tool was used for. to add multiple room together as a unit. Hmmm... Adding custom parameters and calculations for rooms does sound like a headache, wish I could help. Let me know if you find a solution.


      You can create individual Area Plans, and adjust their boundaries, then create Schedules for all of these areas.
      Cliff B. Collins
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        Thank you...Clarification that the way I have ended up doing it, is the best way.

        The only issue being that when I add a colour scheme to each of the areas, I cant get them to all show in one "master" plan, can I?


          I don't think you can get multiple area plans in one view (unless you overlap views on a sheet) but you could make a combination area plan by copying or re-selecting your area boundaries, and then defining how you want overlapping areas to appear. Unfortunately Revit doesn't let you use multi-color hatches.
          Julie Kidder
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            No you cant. And nor can you get multiple area types in one schedule, such as Rentable, Gross Building or your own customised versions. This would make the most sense to me.

            In my view it should be made possible to select the type of schedules you want eg Property, Area & Parking, and have them tabulate under one schedule view, all be it under different headings, and insert to a sheet. Rather than having to insert and format 3 or 4 schedules to all look the same on a sheet.

            I hope Autodesk revamp the scheduling functions of Revit in future editions


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