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Challenge: 7™ chair by Arne Jacobsen in native Revit Geometry

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    Challenge: 7™ chair by Arne Jacobsen in native Revit Geometry

    Here´s a real challenge for everyone who´s up for some :banghead:

    Modelling the Series 7™ chair by Arne Jacobsen in native Revit Geometry.
    Beeing able to schedule the finished family as Furniture would be preferred, but if you must use masses, so be it...

    I´ve attached a 3D dwg model of the chair, and you can find further info @
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    Klaus Munkholm
    "Do. Or do not. There is no try."

    You are crazy Klaus :beer:
    -Alex Cunningham


      Now that's what I call a challenge...
      Martijn de Riet
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        Well, this is one of those where, if it gets done in masses I guess that is kinda cool, but if it isn't a furniture family it is totally useless in the real world. Then again, if push really comes to shove this is where I might model something representational, that takes up the right amount of floor space and is recognizable, but doesn't have the compound curves and such, and show that at Course & Medium LOD, and the (Gack, cough, WTF Autodesk, why force me to do this?!!!) use an inserted DWG (in the Family) at Fine LOD for renderings only. And probably I would do it in two different families so I only jack up my model if I really need the rendering.

        That said, this is gonna be another very entertaining and enlightening thread. Like Zack's BuildZ stuff. I may never get to use it in a project, but such fun to see anyway.

        Pragmatic Praxis


          Extra points if you can run a Vasari Nucleus simulation which shows the effect of a stack of chairs being hit by a 2tonne rhinoceros at a speed of 49kph...
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            Wow, this is for sure a real challenge! Well, will have a go at it my self, but will be looking forward to see what you guys come up with..


              I've got a "challenge" as well... who can model in Revit native geometry (not masses) the following:

              Tesla Model S

              Apple iMac 27"
              The new iMac. 7 vibrant colors. Impossibly thin design. 24-inch 4.5K Retina display. The best camera, mics, and speakers in a Mac. Supercharged by M1.

              Herman Miller Mirra Office Chair
              The Mirra 2 office chair has dynamic surfaces that respond to your slightest movements. It balances immediate comfort and personalized ergonomics.

              When you're done with those, I have some other "challenges" for you all...


                I'm pretty sure i've seen the iMac floating around on the internet, haven't checked that it's 100% native Revit..?

                The car is IMHO just ridiculous to try and model in Revit, but would be cool to do - just because you can (maybe) - but still

                The chair is a real good challenge, just crazy design, would be nice to try.



                  I´ve got the iMac somewhere in my archive too...

                  The Car may be ridiculous, but it´s already been proven possible by Marcello Sgambelluri (Who have also done a Elephant!)

                  And yes, it´s native Revit Geometry...
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                  Klaus Munkholm
                  "Do. Or do not. There is no try."


                    Marcello is truly an artist! Haven't seen the car before though, and i'm just speechless. Amazing work! AFIK, he uses the Massing Tool, correct? Still impressive though..


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