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'Filling In' a Conceptual Mass 'Mesh'

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    'Filling In' a Conceptual Mass 'Mesh'


    New at conceptual massing (and to the forums), and was wondering if there was a way to 'fill in' a wavy wall?

    Current process:
    1. New conceptual mass
    2. Create the 'mesh'
    3. Set pattern to rectangular
    4. New family (generic model pattern based)
    5. Create panel w/ thickness
    6. Apply to mesh

    This gets me the wavy wall, but makes a void space behind it.

    Attached image shows what I'm trying to do.
    I was hoping to find out how to fill in the space behind the 'mesh' so that it's solid.

    Attached Files

    Welcome to RFO,
    can you elaborate on the "filling" part regarding construction?
    If you apply a panel to the wavy face, you get of course not "thinckess"behind it besides the panel's thickness.


      If I understand your question correctly you can approach this in 2 ways:

      1. Make a Panel with a variabele thickness, have the points in front hosted on your wavy surface, have additional points in the back hosted on the flat surface (make a 2nd " mesh")

      2. Treat the Solid as a loft from the side, so make multiple profiles running top to bottom with a closed "loop" being the back face. Lofting these should result in a solid. Then TAB select the front face to start dividing that and applying your panel.

      I think Zach Kron has a good example of the first workflow using wooden wavy structures:
      buildz: Constraining Slats to 2 Surfaces


        That's an interesting question. I wonder if you have solved your issue yet. Let me know if I can help you.
        If you want, send me the file to have a look at it.



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