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Can i mass this, and easiest way??

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    Can i mass this, and easiest way??

    I am currently doing a preservation project for school and was curious the easiest way to reproduce this pic into revit 2012. any help would be appreciated.


    Scott H

    Click image for larger version

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    It can be done, but there is no "easy way"!

    I'm not sure the Conceptual Massing tools are necessarily the only choice.........

    You could create Masses for this, but then when it's time for documentation
    you may not have much "Revit" content to use--unless you convert faces of the Masses to walls, etc.

    So--perhaps try using more "normal" Revit tools.......

    I'd start with a Family, sweeps, voids, extrusions, etc.

    Very challenging modeling exercise indeed. Good luck!
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      I have the main arch done using a sweep now i am just trying to figure out the actual detail work


        Not impossible to create with the Revit tools like Cliff said, but indeed a challenge!

        If you only need it for graphical presentation, maybe you could get something out of the photo with Project Photofly? I believe it will create AutoCAD and/or Inventor files which you could import to Revit... Not optimal, but maybe easier and faster than modeling it in Revit. At the end of the day, it depends on what you expect from the finished product within Revit.
        Klaus Munkholm
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          it can be done but, u will need time to get it done. There is another way to do it. AutoCAD or 3D MAX, but than this object will not be parametric, so you will not be able to add or change something. If I were you, I would do it in Revit in spite of taking of time.
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            You could have the room Laser Scanned and then use the new Cloud feature in 2012 to re-create it, then you would have actual dimensions and features.
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