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NOOB framing elevations question

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    NOOB framing elevations question

    I'm modeling an existing building and need to add the diagonal bracing. So I read the "help" for framing elevations and it sounds like they were created explicitly to aid in adding diagonal bracing (I guess among other things). When I create a framing elevation, it is listed in the project browser with the exterior elevations. Thinking I might have deleted something important in my project file, I created a framing elevation in the default template, and the same thing happens.

    NOOB question time: Aren't framing elevations different than exterior elevations to Revit (since they seem to have specific properties in addition to regular exterior elevations), and therefore shouldn't they be listed separately in the project browser? I just need to know so I'm not missing out on intended functionality. Thanks in advance for any insights.


    The Command is working as designed
    You just need to create another elevation type
    Typically the Revit template comes with an external elevation type & an internal elevation type - No structural elevation type
    you need to create one for your structural elevations
    Just make up the framing elevation using the external elevation type, once made, select the elevation bubble, and duplicate the type, it should then pop up in the properties palette & project browser as the new structural elevation type.


      Thanks for the answer and sorry for posing a question with such an obvious solution. I've followed your instructions and now have a new type of elevation in my project browser.

      This seems like something that should already be there (and that I should not have had to add myself), because Revit does offer exterior and interior elevations that behave differently upon creation. This seems inconsistent.


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