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Revit Technology Conference - Australasia and USA 2011

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    Revit Technology Conference - Australasia and USA 2011

    Hopefully RevitForum members are already familiar with this event?!

    If not I'd like to interupt your normal schedule long enough to let you know about it.

    The Revit User Group Sydney decided to have an "end-of-year bash" in 2005. This event turned into an annual event that got bigger than just a cool user group meeting. Wesley Benn has been the chief organizer/financier and a growing number of people have become part of the Australian committee that gets it all put together.

    This year marks the first year that there are two conferences, one in Australia AND one in the USA too! I've been nagging Wesley for several years to bring the event to the USA and he finally agreed. Now I'm hoping that my fellow North American's help me make it a success!

    The first conference is RTC AUS (Australasia) 2011
    • Location: Jupiters Gold Coast, Australia
    • Dates: May 26-28, 2011 (Thursday-Saturday)

    Registration is OPEN and the early bird rates are in effect until March 31st. You can review the schedule and who is presenting.

    The second conference is RTC USA 2011
    • Location: Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach, California
    • Dates: June 23-25, 2011 (Thursday-Saturday)

    Registration is open and Early Bird pricing is in effect until April 8th, 2011.

    Last item, a snippet about the conference from the site: (both events are added to the RevitForum Calendar)

    RTC is a unique, independent conference covering all things Revit - BIM and the whole ecosystem that supports it, and that goes to ensuring your success in the marketplace. No other event brings so many opportunities and benefits together in a single location. As a 'by users, for users' event, RTC is the best place to get unvarnished advice from the people who use the technologies to drive their businesses, and the industry as a whole, forward. Business leaders, thought leaders, innovators and implementers; they are all here, and all ready to give away their secrets (okay, some of their secrets...) to aid in the quest for a better, smarter industry, and a stronger, more sustainable environment.
    • Learn from some of the world's top instructors and industry experts.
    • Share ideas and insights with an international community of your peers.
    • Explore the latest trends and technologies
    • Cultivate important business and professional contacts that can benefit your company and your career.

    With speakers and delegates from all aspects of the industry - from designers to owners, from surveyors to facility managers - RTC's scope ensures value to all who attend. Join us, and ride the front of the wave of the future.
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    Oops...late night post. USA is June! I fixed the post.

    Huntington Beach is much closer to LA than San Diego but Huntington Beach is much closer to Irvine, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach etc... LA is close but still a drive from the event.

    Registration is imminent, we have a few financial things to get resolved with banking etc. so that the event can actually collect funds. Nearly there.

    Program, schedule and speakers are sorted out and getting plugged into the web site so next week we should have a series of updates to share. The USA event is roughly one month later than the Australian event so everything is offset by the same amount of time...give or take.

    New Orleans wasn't among the many cities discussed. This location (as the first location) was chosen because of the volume of Revit activity here on the west coast, relatively easy access for those coming from elsewhere and the resort venue setting which has been a theme of RTC in Australia. We discussed New York, Chicago, San Francisco, among several others. Those three are quite significantly more expensive sites to host a Revit "party". RTC moves to different cities in Australia and the committee expects to do the same thing in the USA assuming this year is successful enough to do more! New Orleans would be an interesting place to have a future conference so we'll have to keep it in mind.

    Splitting the thread sounds good to me, that way the information is set. Happy to answer questions.
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      I look forward to using my training budget for this event.


        Jim Balding put together a video collage of photos and a video clip from the past conferences.


          any word on when the class list might get published? 20 days is cutting it real tight vis-a-vis the early bird deadline.

          Pragmatic Praxis


            The current early bird deadline (visible and active) is for the Australian conference. USA will have its own schedule which will be revised once it actually opens. I believe Monday next week is when it will all be live...that's the goal, if not sooner.


              I wonder if I am somehow getting to old data then? When I look at the RTC North America page, and go to Costs, it says Earlybird registration is before March 31. Well, it says 31 March, all Commonwealth style, actually.
              In any case, if it all updates Monday, woot!

              Pragmatic Praxis


                The conference schedule and speaker information has been updated as of yesterday. I needed to empty my cache in Firefox to see them.

                The early bird registration deadline does still show the 31st, so you aren't seeing something different. Nothing has been changed with regard to that yet because we are still waiting for the last pieces of financial stuff to get turned on. Difficult to collect registration fees when the bank hasn't completed its tasks . I'm sure any number of members here would be happy to hold on to the money for us and we'll have to pass on those kind offers! We are hoping that it all gets turned on tomorrow. As for the final verdict on the early bird deadline, I'm not sure what it will be exactly at the moment...they're still sleeping in Sydney!


                  Great news Steve. And let me say, from the looks of it RTC has actually addressed the need for advanced classes. Now just gotta get approval.

                  Pragmatic Praxis


                    If the bank doesn't hold things up beyond tomorrow we are planning to close early bird registration on April 8th. Glad you are pleased with the session selection!


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