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Accept Primary Option deletes views

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    Accept Primary Option deletes views

    We have a project with a ton of design options that is finally settling down, but we are seeing view disappear when we Accept Primary that really shouldn't be. Anyone seen this and have a suggestion on what to look for.
    The views that are deleted never show up in the "Delete dedicated option views" dialog. Because they are not dedicated, they are set to Automatic for all Option Sets. They are also not set to show their Elevation symbol only in the Design Options. As far as I can tell there is nothing in these views that ties them to the deleted design options, but none the less they are getting killed when we accept primary.

    Any thoughts?

    Pragmatic Praxis

    Were the views created inside an option and then later switched to Automatic?


      Not sure. One would HOPE that changing to Automatic would do the job. If this is the case, is there any way to address it, or are these views a lost cause forever? And any way after the fact to verify how they where initially created?

      Pragmatic Praxis


        This has almost got me a couple times. Luckily Revit pops up a warning saying it is going to delete the views. Just switch the views to automatic(or to the option you're accepting) and accept the option. I don't believe it matters if a view is created while in a design option or not, just what the view is set to display at the time you accept the option. Any views lost are gone forever unless you restore a backup and try again, but then you may lose other work... It's now a part of my procedure to backup the file before accepting design options in case something crazy happens.


          Originally posted by need4mospd View Post
          Luckily Revit pops up a warning saying it is going to delete the views. Just switch the views to automatic(or to the option you're accepting) and accept the option.
          But in this case the views that are disappearing weren't even in that list, say anything of being left checked for deletion. And the views where set to Automatic. We have an archive from right before we accepted the primary design options, so we have gone back to verify that this is the case. Very strange.
          Most of the views in question seem to be elevations, so it may be that they where created in Design Options initially. But there are a few outliers. Things like overall exterior elevations, which predate the design options and have always been set to Automatic. Half a day lost by the team, and who knows how much more we will find missing over time.

          Pragmatic Praxis


            Sorry, I was mistaken, it seems like elevations do behave differently. It looks like it may be partially determined by what option the elevation symbol is set to appear. I noticed, for example, if I have an Option 2 elevation symbol set to appear in ALL options, it gave me the option to uncheck the box to delete the view when I accept Option 1(primary). Hope that helps a little.


              Are they callouts OF views in the list?
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                No callouts (that I have found so far ), and at least at the moment it appears that the answer is
                1: Go to all elevation views you want to hold on to, set them to show up in all design options.
                2: Delete non primary design options manually
                3: Accept primary

                Step two seems like a bug, as Accept Primary should do that for you.
                Step one seems like bad workflow design, and will posted to the Factory.

                In the mean time. Yuck!

                Last edited by Gordon Price; March 2, 2011, 10:11 PM.
                Pragmatic Praxis


                  I'm struggling with this right now, too. In 2013 - two year and 2 versions later.
                  No matter what I set some of these Views to, they get flagged as targets for deletion.
                  I've tried Accept Primary and just deleting the "other" option.
                  I've tried setting the VV to <Automatic> and explicitly to the DO I'm accepting as Primary.
                  Originally I had three Views this was happening to. I've gotten one to behave, but the other two simply will not behave.
                  Here's my VV dialog:
                  Click image for larger version

Views:	1
Size:	38.6 KB
ID:	379016
                  and here's what happens when I Accept Primary (or delete Option 1)
                  Click image for larger version

Name:	DeletingViews.PNG
Views:	1
Size:	38.9 KB
ID:	379017
                  I've Audited and tried a Detached Copy, but nothing make it behave.
                  At this point, I'd almost accept re-creating the bad Views, but one of them is the main View that the Level as associated with. :banghead:
                  Anyone come up with any other workarounds since 2011?

                  Oh, yeah: with and without View Templates, too.
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                    Were your Optional Elevations created by adding new Elevation Markers to the Project or were your original Elevations duplicated, and then had the VG adjusted? I tend to use the second process and I haven't had any missing views due to them not being in the check list. Then again, I choose not to show my Elevation markers on my construction doc.s anyhow, otherwise you would see multiple reference numbers on top of each other.


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