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how can I make a sweep self-intersect?

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    how can I make a sweep self-intersect?

    Dear Reviteers I need your help I need to model a classic furniture for interior design.

    Click image for larger version

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    Now I have the top panel but when I try to get the profiles with the sweep it doesn't make the sweep .. saying just Can't make sweep
    I've tried changing the profile to a smaller one and it worked, so I found out that the problem of Revit is that it can't make a sweep which will self-intersect in corners even slight corners. But, indeed we know that there is a case when it does self intersect sweeps: for example wall sweeps or cornice sweeps. Can anyone advice me what to do? Or maybe anyone knows a place where I can download Thomasville 3d furniture? maybe dwg or 3ds?

    Have you tried an inverted sweep? i.e. instead of building the shape with a solid, you build it with a void, in the same way you would use a lathe?

    If that doesn't work, you may well have to build the family like the carpenter built the furniture (with many parts)


      Yea, I've been thinking of carpenter method with many parts but I think I will keep it as a last chance ... but the IDEA of void is excellent!!!! Thank you


        I'd do it with many parts, then join them if needed. It will probably be quicker in the long run.


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