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Groups- Editing type parameters of a door

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    Groups- Editing type parameters of a door


    I haven't worked with groups much.
    I have units set up as groups, they all have doors, as part of the group. We need to edit a type parameter, how do we go about doing that without ungrouping the groups?

    Is there an easy way?

    Thank you!
    BIM Director, AC Martin

    Have you tried from the project browser> families>Doors.... edit type?
    Juan Carlos Moreno
    Store Designer & Merchandising Manager
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      If you have multiple instances of a group I do not think it will let you from the project browser. You may be able to go to edit group, then go into the type properties of the door and change them while still in edit mode.


        Editing Type parameters of objects (i.e. Door) placed in Groups can be done both from within the group and from the project browser.

        Only thing you can´t do, is creating a Duplicate of a Type from within the Group Editor... For that you´ll need to create the duplicate from the Project Browser, and then go in Edit Group mode and replace the Type...
        Klaus Munkholm
        "Do. Or do not. There is no try."


          Hello all.. sorry for the long delay!!
          So editing from the project browser worked, and I tried to recreate my problem and i couldn't! i'm a little confused on why but i'm still going to try and figure that out!
          Again thank you all for your help!
          BIM Director, AC Martin


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