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Issuing Multi set project model

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    Issuing Multi set project model

    I have an architect issuing us their architectural model.

    Good stuff. The model, like ours is a multi set model. i.e it has a central file, worksets etc. When we issue the model, we detach from central, save-as clean it up etc.

    Now, when we get the architects model, if I open their model to have a look at certain items, it asks for the central file. I either ignore it as I dont need to save it etc, or load it up using the "detach from central"

    As the model has worksets in, I dont think there is a way around stopping Revit asking for central file on these issued files? Its no biggie if there isnt a way around it, as I am not altering the file, its sometimes when its opened and the errors come up thats all it can be frustrating.

    It's asking for the central file because it was saved as a lcoal or, more likely, copied from a central file. As soon as you detach from central that should go away or after you open it you can save as a central file (under the options button on teh save screen). Either way your still going to see it the first time unless you can get the architect to detach the file from central before they send it.


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