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    Linked Files - Annotation

    We have a project set up with linked files. One file with the exterior shell and core, and another typical residential floor file that is linked into the shell file. The only documentation being done in the linked file is for our enlarged unit plans.

    We have run into the problem before that when we update the linked file, and then go to open the exterior shell file,we receive an error that dimensions will be deleted.

    At this point in the project (we are well into CD's), nothing in the linked file is really moving, yet we're still getting dimensions deleted.

    We had one situation where the height of the unit group was wrong in the linked file, so we fixed it. When the user went to open the exterior shell file, all of the dimensions related to the unit were deleted and all of the tags needed rehosted.

    Has anyone encountered this issue before, and what is the logic behind when these annotation elements get shifted/deleted?

    For best results, do not place dimensions on a Link. If the Link gets unloaded, the dimensions will be deleted.
    There are tons of discussions on this Forum and many others about this subject. Try doing a search.

    We tend to annotate only in the "live model"; then it becomes an issue of printing/sheeting from multiple models.
    You can annotate across links, but just know the rules and expected behavior. You can also use "By Linked View"
    for certain situations, but that brings in some added complexity and if all team members are not highly aware of how things are set up,
    you can run into problems. Try to keep the annotations in the model where the geometry is.
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      Dimensions should only get *deleted* if a reference in the Linked File changes so that the reference no longer exists, in the parent model. This doesnt count unloading a link. The dimensions should "disappear" but should then "come back" when the Link is reloaded (and there shouldnt be an error message).

      I would check to see if someones workstation has the Disjoin button checked in the option bar, since Disjoin now remembers if its on or not, and that might be telling the Linked file to disassociate all of its dimensions.

      Also, keep in mind that Linked Files "timestamp" themselves, so it might be an issue of one person puts dimensions on something that "isnt there" in the other persons instance of the link, which will cause the dimensions to disappear.

      But, we work (and sometimes dimension to) Links all day. Unloading and reloading shouldnt delete your dimensions unless something else is going wrong...
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