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Topo Sub-Regions behaving badly...

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    Topo Sub-Regions behaving badly...

    I've been asked to look at sub-regions behaving badly today - and I'm at a complete loss what's gone wrong.

    We have a topography, created in "Existing" and set never to demolish. We've called it "Existing Topo" and left the material as default.
    In a view, phase set to "New Construction" with no phase filter so we can see the topography, we go to "Graded Region"
    Selecting the topography - it goes to edit mode, I called it "Proposed Topo" and set the material to grass so we can see a visual difference.
    Closing the edit mode, we now have two topos. "Existing Topo" now demolishes in "New Construction. And we have the new "Proposed Topo" reporting 0 Net cut/fill.


    When I go to the existing view, to start adding sub-regions of existing roads, paths, etc... The sub-region continually "jumps" to the proposed topo.
    Everytime. If I draw sub-regions in the New Construction view, they behave and apply only to "Proposed Topo"

    I've checked and re-checked the process - and unless I'm being exceptionally short-sighted, can't figure out what I've done wrong as I've done this a good many times before. :banghead:

    Any ideas?

    Ignore me - it all become clear the second after I posted it - when sketching the sub-region one must align the sub-region's phase properties at the time of sketch-editing, for it to associate.

    Hope that helps anyone who finds this thread - the "solution" isn't all to clear in similar threads out there.
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    Nope, sounds exactly like my workflow. You could try to demolish the subregions in NC, but as far as I know Revit syncs topo and subregion. Another angle might be to copy the topo (in existing, not demolished), sketch your subs on the copy, then copy the subs to the original; no sketching involved.
    There must be a better way...

    Ekko Nap
    Professional nitpicker, architect, revit consultant, etc.


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