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Standing Seam roof/wall joins?

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    Standing Seam roof/wall joins?

    I had posted this earlier but I am still having problems.

    I have a standing seam metal penthouse which is being built on top of an existing brick townhouse. The roof is M shaped in section. I want the standing seam to wrap continuous from the exterior walls onto the roof, but I cannot get them to join smoothly. Does anyone know how I should be doing this?

    roof bulkhead.jpg

    Detail of corner condition:

    I've also attached a .dwf of the rooftop for better understanding.

    The first thing that comes to mind is a roof by extrusion. Create the extrusion in section view.
    Either that or create a custom fascia profile for the edges.


      How was the roof created? When I have unusual situations like this, I create an in-place roof. It takes a little more time and thought but by doing it that way I am able to model the roof exactly as I want it. I find that wall joins to a roof modeled that way are much cleaner.


        The roof was created as an extrusion.

        The problem is what happens at the end of this extrusion, when my wall comes up to meet it. I want the finish layer of standing seam to extend up and butt together, but since my roof is at angle and my wall is straight it doesn't join properly (see detail of corner condition).

        I tried creating an in-place roof, creating reference planes and selecting them to host the angled roof, but the roof became so complex that it was having problems. I had even started to model the walls as part of the roof as it as allow a clean transition between the two.


          IMO that's such a minor detail, couldn't you just fix it in the section? Have you tried a custom fascia profile?


            Like Dan, I'd probably just show the seems as DC's in sections etc. - But if I had to model them, I´d just create an in-place generic model, and copy/array that along the facade.

            FWIW. If you're only modeling it for rendering purposes, then you should have a look at the Roofing materials... There's a pretty decent OOTB standing seem material in that category somewhere.
            Klaus Munkholm
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              It's not that I necessarily want each standing seam, I just want my wall and my roof to join smoothly and have the exterior metal layer wrap.
              I will do all of the standing seam details as DC's, I just want my waterproofing, insulation and sheathing to all wrap properly so I don't have to use DC's.


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