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Linked RST model behaving oddly in views.

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    Linked RST model behaving oddly in views.

    This week our S.Eng re-issued their RST (2011) model on one of our jobs, so we've redirected our link paths (from their former issue) - expecting to see the updated model slot nicely into place as it should...

    And it has. In 3D at least - in other views it's behaving quite oddly.

    Looking at the model linked in to our RAC (2011) architectural model, everything is in order, shared coordinates are aligned, and the modelled elements are all aligned.


    Our existing (and new) sections & elevations through the building do not show the S.Eng as we would expect. Elements behind the view line are visible - in almost a similar manner to when you link 3D .dwgs... it's all very peculiar.

    (So far) we've tested/ensured :
    The model is loaded correctly (unloading/removing/re-linking)
    The workset the model is assigned is loaded (and set to visible)
    The section/elevation views are not set to Wireframe
    The section/elevation heads have not been orphaned from their "view-line"
    There are no VG overrides for the S.Eng model visibility
    The phases of the models align
    The views are not being aligned to linked-views
    Opened the RST model to ensure the elements being seen (and not seen) are in truth Revit elements.

    ...and yet the issue remains. :banghead:

    Anyone got any ideas?

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