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(Enter value or a formula starting with '=') ??? Make it stop!!!

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    (Enter value or a formula starting with '=') ??? Make it stop!!!

    Ok, got a major newby here. Never saw Revit till two days ago.

    I have four levels 00 Foundatio @ -14'-0"
    01 lower level @ 10'-0"
    02 entry level @ 0'-0"
    03 roof @ 10'-0"

    When I start my walls, and try to enter my hieght, I get the message you see in the heading of this post.
    Please tell me what I'm doing wrong.

    You are probably entering something like this: 14' + 10' + 10' (or any other random string). You can do so, but you'll need to put the '=' sign in front (=14+10+10).
    Or you are entering text (03 roof), which can't be done in the field you are trying to type in.

    There's a few things you need to fill out in the wall properties:

    Base constraint: starting level of the wall, pick from list
    Base offset: offset from starting level, numeric value
    Top constraint: top level of the wall, pick from list.
    Top offset: offset from end level, numeric value

    You could also set a base constraint and a Unconnected height (numeric value). In that case, set the top constraint to None. But I wouldn't recommend that course of action.
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      Thanks for your time mdradvies. Will give that a try and let you know.


        Sounds like you are entering the height value for the wall on the Options Bar? Probably using a height setting of Unconnected? The message you describe appears when Revit can't understand the value you type in. The field you type a value in can be fussy when you are trying to select all the characters in the display and you miss one, then type in your new value. What Revit "sees" can be something like this: 20'-0" originally and then 2 -14'-0" if you happen to "miss" the "2". Revit thinks that combination is a math equation and is encouraging you to put the = sign in front of the string so it knows for sure you want to subtract 14 from 2 (referencing my example above).

        Then again if you've created levels for each of those datum, each set at those elevations you'd only need to assign the top of each wall to the level above the one the walls are on. You sketch each wall on the base elevation level and let it rise up to the next level.
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