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    Grid visibility

    Hi guys,
    So I've got grids in the telecom model that are on a unique workset other than the shared levels and grids workset (the colo grids) and I want to show them on only one drawing in my arch set. The problem is that if I load the telecom model with that workset open, I see them everywhere and it would take time to modify each view they show up in not to mention they could show up in newer, later views as well. But I can't get them to show up in ONLY the one view I want them to show up in. Is there some trick to get a closed workset to show up in only one view?


    You can globally control the display of Grids ( and all other elements/categories ) using VG > Revit Links> Custom settings. Turn off Grids, for example.
    Create a View Template which turns off the Grids in Linked Models, and apply it to your view(s). Likewise, leave them on, create a View Template, apply to view(s), etc. It's not necessarily a Workset issue--it's more of a VG Custom control of Linked Models. You CAN control Worksets in Linked models as well, but it's not good practice to use worksets for control of visibility.
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