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Linking Revit files and "Path Type" (relative/absolute)

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    Linking Revit files and "Path Type" (relative/absolute)

    I was under the assumption that if "Path Type" was set to Relative, the "Saved Path" would only list the portion of the directory that differs between the different linked Revit files such that if the whole group of files were moved, all of the links would be maintained.

    However, after moving my files, I had to "Reload From..." for each file and even after doing so, each file's saved path starts from "C:\_____\______..."

    Am I doing something wrong? Does the fact that these files are all workset-enabled files make a difference?

    Here are some links I found helpful,

    Link Management Options - WikiHelp

    Revit Server Overview - WikiHelp

    Path Type for linked files

    From the sounds of it these are linked files and not imported files. After reading some AUGI stuff and wikihelp, it sounds like relative is always the best. The next question is did you move the central file or the local file? Central files and local files are meant to be hosted on separate drives. If they are not, the server system gets confused with CAD links. If you really need to move the central file, make sure all local copies are closed, move the central file, then have all users create a new local copy for themselves and advise them to discard or overwrite the old one. Hopefully these precautions will help all your linked files stay in tact.


      In case anyone else stumbles across this, here is what we have run into.

      When you link files, the intital option of a saved path vs relative path can be set. As soon as you reload the file, the path gets fixed even though the "Path Type" still says relative. This can work if the person you are sending the file to does not have the same drive name (ie C:\, M:\, etc).
      What has happened on our projects is the engineer has an M:\ and therefore the path continues to look for the files on the M:\ drive even though the "Path Type" is set to relative.

      We've asked Autodesk, our local reseller and anyone else. No solution. Hopefully, this gets resolved in 2013.


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