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Aligning material images

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    Aligning material images

    I am working in Revit Architecture 2012 and I applied a material to two exterior walls. One of them is the main building wall, and another is a mechanical room wall located on the roof. The material patterns of each wall (board form concrete with reveals) do not align. Is there a way to make the images of the materials align?
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    Welcome to the forum Nathaniel.

    First things first, are those two walls in the same plane and/or parallel? They'll need to be.

    Second, in your material dialog, apply a model surface pattern, the lines of which can be aligned within the constraints of the element they're applied to. This should allow a "first pass" at getting the materials to align.

    If, (as I suspect) that doesn't align the render-appearance material (as you're seeing there in realistic view) - you may need to consider the two wall elements being modelled as one (if they can be, ie. they are in the same plane)


      Go to the Material Editor. Add a Model Surface Pattern to the walls. Now there's a Texture Alignment button available, use that to align the textures to the model pattern.
      Now go into the 3D, set to Hidden Line, align the surface pattern to the left side of the wall for both walls. You can do this by first clicking on the line you want to align to, then hover over any surface pattern line and hit tab until it highlights. Click it and it will be aligned.
      Now your textures should start the same way from left to right. Depending on whether the walls are parallel the textures will be the same (if one wall diverges, the pattern will also be smaller)
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