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Drawing Index with sheet number scheduled twice

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    Drawing Index with sheet number scheduled twice

    I may be missing something simple here, but does anyone know of a way to schedule a sheet number alone and that same sheet number with a prefix and suffix in the same drawing index (schedule)? It's something we are needing to do for a military project to list the files we export to .dgn

    If you open the title-block in the family-editor, and locate the label for "Sheet Number", you'll be able to set both a prefix and a suffix. Those will, however be project wide, and I'm not entirely sure what you are trying to accomplish... But if that's not it, there are a few workarounds, so just say the word.

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      Just had to do this to support filings to the DOB.

      Basically, we had to make a shared parameter called "DOB_Suffix" "DOB_ThisSheetNumber" and "DOB_TotalSheetsIssued"

      In your case, the parameters may be SheetPrefix and SheetSuffix. Use those instead of the Revit Prefix and Suffix fields.

      Create a copy of your title block family called "fake sheet" or something similarly dazzling and don't use the prefix. Instead, add a parameter call in the label of the titleblock's sheet number with SheetPrefix where it used to look for an actual prefix. You have to add the parameter to sheets in your project and to labels in your family.

      You can get fancy, add a project parameter to a sheet and then filter it in a drawing schedule, but that's beyond the scope of what you're asking. I actually did it all in one family and created a sheet schedule for internal coordination which was a necessary step. It showed real sheet numbers and all the dob info so we could see what we were doing.

      WishList item on this for me is to have Revit look for a constant value in a shared parameter so I don't have to worry that one sheet has the wrong value for DOB_TotalSheetsIssued

      Here's an Autodesk video, worked for me:

      Autodesk - Autodesk Revit Architecture Services & Support - Working with Titleblocks and Sheets in Revit

      Hope this helps...

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        Oh, the video on the page I pointed to is this one:

        Using Visibility and Shared Parameters
        Learn how to control the visibility of the layout grid and Project Status labels, as well as how to add and assign a shared parameter to provide the information for a titleblock label.


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