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    U-value Glass

    Hei! Help!
    I'm trying to create window families associating differents type of U-Value to the glazings itself .
    The U-value (or U-factor), is more correctly called the overall heat transfer coefficient...
    (I work in Revit 2011 but can use previous verion as well)

    Does any body have an idea?
    Thks a lot!!

    create a new curtain panel family and add a shared parameter for Uvalue, Type, Integer and create types for the various glass type with different U factors then replace your project curtain panels with the new ones
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      Hi Camille, and welcome to the Forum. Attached, you'll find one of my first attempts at making intelligent window families that would calculate the U-Value for the entire window. This is from way back, like '07 or '08, and I stopped making my window families this advanced, due to the time it took to update them, with the hardware available then... Maybe things are different with our current hardware...?? Anyway, use it, reverse engineer it, or throw it in the garbage can.
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