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Spinning Wheel of Death, Revit Not Responding

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    Spinning Wheel of Death, Revit Not Responding

    Need a little help....I'm starting to take this as a hint that i should not be working over the weekend, but i was trying to get a little bit of content creation done while i had a few free minutes. Revit is being highly uncooperative, to the point that it is untenable to continue trying to work.

    I've been trying to self-diagnose the reasoning why, but am not having much luck. A little background...

    Yesterday everything was fine. Today has been miserable. I am 99% certain that it is somehow related to the fact that our company's network went down this afternoon and will be down until Sunday night. Everything went down due to scheduled maintenance. File servers, VPN, etc...

    However! ...

    I am working only on files on files on my desktop. I borrowed a license prior to the network going down. I don't need the VPN since i am working in my own little silo on the C-drive. I cleared out my Revit.ini and have *no* pointers to the network, then restarted Revit. Everything now points to a location on the C-drive. I do have some add-ins installed, but don't think that could be the issue (maybe?).

    The constant "not responding" issues make me think it is trying to find a resource, and locking up when it cannot resolve it. Any suggestions on where i should look to correct the issue?

    Network should be back up late tomorrow night and i'm assuming all will be resolved then, but it really does not make any sense why i am experiencing such difficulties in the meantime. Tasks such as trying to update a setting in Object Styles, or Line Patterns, or even simply dimensioning something in the family editor are averaging 20-30 seconds.

    I don't really know how to read journal files, but one recurring thing throughout the journal is "Unnecessary Nesting". Here's a journal snippet from the dimension attempt that locked things up....
    'E 13-Sep-2020 01:37:13.303; 0:<
    Jrn.MouseMove 0 , 1025 , 551
    'E 13-Sep-2020 01:37:13.319; 0:<
    Jrn.Command "AccelKey" , "Cancel the current operation , ID_CANCEL_EDITOR"
    ' 0:< Unnecessary nesting;ArrowUI_4;-1;ID_CANCEL_EDITOR ;N++EB(NB);
    'C 13-Sep-2020 01:37:13.323; 0:< idle0_doc
    ' 0:< Candidates (curIdx = -1):
    'E 13-Sep-2020 01:37:14.601; 0:<
    Jrn.MouseMove 0 , 1023 , 523
    'E 13-Sep-2020 01:37:14.601; 0:<
    Jrn.Command "KeyboardShortcut" , "Create Aligned Dimensions , ID_ANNOTATIONS_DIMENSION_ALIGNED"
    ' 0:< Unnecessary nesting;ArrowUI_4;-1;ID_ANNOTATIONS_DIMENSION_ALIGNED ;N++EB(NB);
    ' 0:< <<Begin build CT>>
    'Edit mode: IDR_FAM_FILE_OBJECTS

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions on where to look.....if not, i'll take this as the hint from my laptop to fold it up, and put it away until Monday


    INI isn't the only place Revit is pathed. There is also the registry, materialUIconfig.xml, and so on. Did you clear out network paths from ALL of it?

    And you have your VPN completely OFF while working, correct?

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      Appreciate the reply. Apologies for taking a few days to acknowledge. Yeah, i checked pretty much every thing that i could think off, but had no success. I had forgotten about the materialUIconfig file, but as of now, it's a vanilla file. The hope is at some point changes though, when we flesh out our company material libraries. But i digress.

      The registry only had pointer to network paths in the "AllAnav Path /Revit-12xx" keys. Do you think that could cause issues?

      And yes, afaik, the VPN was "off" (?). I was not connected to it, if that is what you mean. The "advanced options" in Windows were still enabled ("Allow VPN over.....". Sounds like you are suggested those be disable in addition to no connection?

      So now that the network is back up, I'm no longer dead in the water --but i do find that i must retain a connection to avoid the spinning wheel. I had noticed this behavior in the past, but the VPN was never down for an extended period of i ignored it. This remains a mystery that needs to be solved. I should not need any connection if working on local files only, with a borrowed license. Part of me thinks it may be related to add-ins that require network licenses (i'm thinking it could possibly be Ideate). But trying to find the add-ins on the local drive the other day was an exercise in patience.....seems developers put their stuff in many different places.



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