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    View Title Placement

    Hopefully I have the right forum.

    I am looking for a way to place the view titles in accordance with the NCS standards. In the image below/attached I am wondering how I can get the view title to always show up or manually be moved easily to the correct location (red dot)?

    The NCS states that where the Line meets the circle should be 5/8" off the x axis/grid line and 1.125" off the y axis/grid line.

    Thanks for your help.
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    I think Revit 2022 and the new Dynamo can access the View Title and move it, so look into that.

    Other then that, I would just not bother about having that thing exactly where is needs to be according to the rules, it is not if anyone is going to measure it and send the drawings back when they are off right? And if they do, people have weird idea's of what is important in architecture that they thing having a View Title off by a few mm is their biggest problem.
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