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list of "pgroup parameter"

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    list of "pgroup parameter"

    I'm trying to clean/develop my families and i didn't succed to find on the web a list of group paramter in order to organize it for our activity.
    does anybody would have this list (and if you've got French translation i'm really lucky)?
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    Revit 2019

    I never found a complete list on the internet, but here are some sources:

    From the api docs, all of them in computer language:

    You can also get a list in Dynamo with the Select Builtin Parameter Group node. I guess it will report them in French if your Revit is in French.

    Also most of them are listed in the 'PUBLIC: Revit Category Guide' Parameters page:


      Are you looking for the order that the groups will appear in? This is the list I work off of, that I did manually a couple of years ago for my reference when building families. Since they aren't alphabetical my guess is the order is the same in French, but you'd have to test it out. If there were groups added in recent versions I haven't updated it.

      Order of parameter groups in “group parameter under” when editing families:
      Constraints, Construction, Graphics, Text, Materials & finishes, Division Geometry, Electrical, Electrical Engineering, Electrical Lighting, Electrical loads, mechanical, mechanical flow, mechanical loads, structural, layers, dimensions, phasing, structural analysis, IFC parameters, analytical model, fire protection, title text, green building properties, photometrics, analysis results, model properties, general, electrical circuiting, data, visibility, overall legend, analytical alignment, other, identity data
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