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Easiest way to uncheck 'Shared' in nested families.

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    Easiest way to uncheck 'Shared' in nested families.

    Hi guys,

    I had compile a few of family in a project and now I having problem with the nested shared family.
    How can I uncheck 'Shared' in all the families that i had compile in easy way? is there any plug-in that can do that?
    The way that i know is edit the family, go to the sub family in the family, then uncheck the 'shared', load back to the family, and load to the project.
    It is okay if we have 1 family. what if there are a ton of family, it will be forever to do it. haha

    Thank you

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    You cannot even replace a shared nested family with a non-shared one. You have to load it with a different name, replace the placed instances, and finally delete the old shared nested. PITA


      The CTC Family Processor can process all fo the families and check Unshared, and then the CTC Batch Loader can load them back in to the other families. But what Tomcsie says is true. So my process looks something like this:

      1. Export all of the Shared Nested Families to a folder
      2. Manually go through the Parent Families and rename all the Nesteds with an NS at the end (Nested Shared).
      3. Use Batch Loader to reload them all in to the parent families.
      4. Manually go through and swap the instances placed for the NUS (Nested Un Shared) version that was just loaded, and delete the NS version.
      5. Reload in to projects.
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