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    I'm looking at the standard keynotes that ship with the program, getting ready to use the keynote fully for the first large project.

    My question, see attached: Are the letter desigantors,A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2, etc following any logical pattern or industry standard? I'm looking at the list and I cannot discern any kind of ordering system to the letters and the associated sub-sections.

    Is there some system I'm not seeing.

    And does anybody start with this file, or do people just roll their own? I'm sure there are a lot of opinions on that, so I'm curious why people have chosen a particular approach.

    thanks all.
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    The keynote nomenclature follows the typical Masterspec system in USA. MasterSpec Codes We have kept the numbering system and have completely re-written the the descriptions to match more closely our particular needs.

    A largish process which ultimately took several months to fully refine and polish, but well worth it in the end. Keynote manager was invaluable in this process.
    Ian Kidston


      Are the letter designators (A1, A2,...) for the sub-topics also part of the current masterspec? They seem a little random to me.



        Those are custom keynotes, if you want to extend the branches...
        Typically, you can should use A01, A02, B01, etc.
        You can also have just the letter, denoting an higher hierarchy for the number bellow.
        The letter should be represent what you are achieving, like: 22 41 39.F01 is for faucet something...
        Custom keynotes should be preceded by a dot "." to separate them from the fixed MF numbering.
        Gonçalo Feio
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