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what is this distortion i see on the preview 3d?

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    what is this distortion i see on the preview 3d?

    Hi everyone, when i make slabs on the outer edge of the wall ; i see its effect on the preview shaded with edge as in the image, is there is sysytem of priority like i want to show wall on 3d and in the 2d section i want to show the slab ??
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    Looks like the wall and the floor is interfering... You should model it as you'd built it.
    Klaus Munkholm
    "Do. Or do not. There is no try."


      Select the walls, click on Attach Top/Bottom, in the Option Bar set the option to "Bottom" and then select the floor. The walls are now linked to the floor and will dynamically update.

      Klaus is right though: the base constraints of your walls is set too low and is making the Walls and Floor overlap each other.
      Martijn de Riet
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