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Easiest way for a consultant to match relocated project.

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    Easiest way for a consultant to match relocated project.

    Ok so as the architect, we had to move and rotate the building to true north for a site plan. Our MEP and Struct, consultants already had their models sharing coodinates with ours. Now that we have moved and rotated to true north, what is the easiest way to get their models to orient to true north and locate to the new position?

    Thanks for the help in advance.

    Use Shared Coordinates.

    The Consultants can Acquire Coordinates from your Model; you can Publish your new coordinates, STC. Then have Consultants Reload Links.
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      Thats how I assumed it was to be done but when I go to the structural model that has the linked arch model and acquire coods, it says that "the shared coordinate sysem of the project you selected is already synced with the current project"

      Any ideas? of what I'm doing wrong?


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