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Transparency in Shaded View Gone

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    Transparency in Shaded View Gone

    First, let me say that materials confuse me. I don't really know what I'm doing, I just tinker with a material for an object until i get it to look right in the rendering and in the shaded view and then I don't touch it anymore. But I don't really know how I achieved my goals.

    All of a sudden in my 3dviews, on Hidden Line, Shaded or Consistent, any object with a material that has any sort of transparency is showing up in wireframe. It still renders correctly, but you can't see it in the 3D view. And as this is for frosted glass which is flat and thin so its hard to tell if there is anything there at all. But also for a body of water, with one of the default site-water materials applied.

    I can open an archived model and the views look fine. So I think its something I did with the materials in the current model. But then I compare the settings of the material of the two different files and they are the same.

    What did I do??
    Mia Frietze
    LPA, Inc.

    My first thought is something involving graphics hardware acceleration but you say there is no problem with the archived file. Although if your working file is much larger than the archive it may be overloading your graphics.

    Have you checked the views' detail setting? Does it have this behaviour for other 3D views in your working file?
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      I think it was a hardware issue... even though it didn't effect the other files. When I opened the file the next day, it worked fine. Maybe my computer was just tired. Thanks for the reply!
      Mia Frietze
      LPA, Inc.


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