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Autodesk Licences - Mixed Types

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    Autodesk Licences - Mixed Types

    Our firm has recently moved some of our licences to named user while the majority of our office is still on a network license. I am curious how other firms manage this. We don't create specific deployments, so we have to go in and manually switch over every version of every product. This is the case if they use a different computer, if they get a new computer, we deploy new versions, etc. Is there a better way to manage this?

    Currently, I was thinking about blocking that group from pulling from our server licences to act as a way to remind that the license needs to be switched over. They wouldn't be able to pull a license, so hopefully it would help spark that they need to switch the license type.

    I am wondering if there is a better/simpler way of doing this? Since it is username and password specific it cant be fully automated, but was curious if a batch routine worked, or something.

    Thanks for any input.


    I think you need to talk to Gordon Price about that, pretty sure his PxTools will be able to help you out there
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      Grant, I'm curious why you don't use Deployments? As far as I know it's still not possible to switch between licensing approaches without uninstalling and reinstalling, but that process is much improved if you can just launch a Deployment for the new license. There's also issues with the Revit.INI due to the new license having a different InstallGUID, and you have to uninstall first, and those are the areas where Px Tools can help. But moving to deployments would still make a pretty big difference in total time.
      Also, be aware that the user name and logon at launch is just the way Autodesk chose to make it work. There is also no way to automate creating user accounts. You just have to do it manually, for every user.

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        There is *a way* to switch without uninstalling, but its not for the faint of heart.
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          Originally posted by Twiceroadsfool View Post
          There is *a way* to switch without uninstalling, but its not for the faint of heart.
          I'm pretty sure uninstalling is easier I know switching from our old Design Suite licenses to Collection licenses was a freaking nightmare.
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            In the more current versions you can easily switch without uninstalling. I believe since 2018 you can go to the ? drop down -> About -> Manage License -> Change License Type. It only takes a minute or so.

            I am not sure how we would really manage this through deployment since we have 9 users all with their own username for the license. We just went with the single deployment so we could ensure everything was the same between them and then just take the minute or so to switch the license for our 9 user that have a "cloud" license.


              I just happen to recently switch from Multi-User to Single user for a few users to free up some MU's for the masses....
              You have a problem that forces you to reset the license type. To change the license type, first change the software licensing option. You changed the license type but didn't change the license setting in the software. For example, you may have changed from a perpetual license to a subscription license. Or you may have changed from a single-user (stand-alone) to a multi-user (network) license. Your subscription has expired


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