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Question about the Famous Revisions

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    Question about the Famous Revisions

    Hi all,

    I know this is not the first post on the subject... I was just asking myself if somebody could guide me through the process of issuing addendum/site changes. Considering the fact that it is a partial issue with only 8½ x 11 sheets.

    This week I had to make an addendum to the standards of a different office : after all changes are made in views -> duplicating the view w detailling, then hiding all the referencing callouts/sections/elevations in the original sheets and then put duplicated views on corresponding titleblock (8½ x 11). After the issue they delete all the duplicated views...

    I've already seen that kind of title block that hides the rest of the sheet but I would like a different way to do it. I thought about visibility filter that won't display the section, callout with name containing "ADD" or "DIR", that way I wouldn't have to hide all the duplicated references.

    I only need advice for the best practice of revisions
    Thank you
    Alexandre Cantin
    "BIM is happening now! Be part of it."

    Thats what I would do as well. Create a section, elevation, plan, detail, and drafting view all that are similar to "Section - ADD" and then just hide any views that do or do not contain ADD depending on which you do/do not want to see.


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