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Network Deployment - Custom Keyboard Shortcuts?

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    Network Deployment - Custom Keyboard Shortcuts?

    (This refers to Revit 2012)

    I've just finished setting up automatic deployment scripts to install and configure Revit when a user logs into Windows. Revit 2012 made it a bit more complicated, but everything seems to be working with a few exceptions. Here is the logic of my script:

    At Windows login:
    Check to see if Revit 2012 is installed. If not:
    Install Revit 2012
    Install a custom Revit.ini for all custom settings
    Install customg keyboard shortcuts*

    *The biggest problem I have is that any custom keyboard shortcuts are placed into the users roaming profile. Easy enough to do with a script, but that profile folder doesn't seem to exist until a user runs Revit for the first time. I can script it so that it will be placed there on the next logon after a user runs Revit, but I sure would like to get everything correctly setup in the initial install. Any ideas?

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