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Free Revit Brick Patterns

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    Free Revit Brick Patterns

    Would you like to see more Project Templates from Manufacturer Associations and Reference Organizations? One of the biggest problems facing firms transitioning to Revit is lack of Useful Content. Please find the enclosed PDF for what could become the definitive Revit Brick Template. All content would be contained in a single RVT available to the design community. Calculated Values and Shared Parameters assigned to Families as required to Schedule and “quantify”.

    Below is a link to the Brick Pattern Catalog. Thanks for your participation.
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    Wouldn't use them (since a. I'm in another part of the world and b. I've already setup my own), but I would like to see this, for two reasons:

    1. Autodesk content sucks (sorry guys). Can they be blamed for it? Not entirely, since it's not their core business. But their families more often then not don't work properly, there's no real coherent idea in the way they are build and they don't meet drawing standards.
    2. Autodesk content often lacks any link to "real-world" building components. Maybe it's because I'm from another part of the world but I often find Adesk to be completely off in what newbies would like/need as a basic library.

    Are there any pitfalls? Hell yes!
    Look at the above... Before you start doing ANYTHING: document what you are doing / going to do. Write up your drawing standards, naming conventions, shared parameters, and so on. Treat creating the library like you would treat creating a building. You do NOT start pooring concrete only to then think "hmmmm, how big is this going to be? What form and shape does this building have? Who is going to use it?".
    Get those things out of the way FIRST. I, and I suppose many others too, would applaud you if you would be willing to share this "Plan of Attack" for reviewing and shooting holes before you start creating your content. It will surely give you an enormous slurry of mutually exclusive opinions and simple generic moaning about drawing standards. But it will also give you invaluable feedback from the community (that is, if you know who to listen to ) and make your pruduct far better then you could ever do on your own.

    Good luck, hope this helps...
    Martijn de Riet
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      Secondly, you might as well just make them Project FILES that can be grouped and loaded in. NO ONE will use a Project Template from a manufacturer, if they are smart. Heck, we wont even use one from a client. They have to get meshed together so they also function inside your office. Simply making a template file and throwing a bunch of materials, parameters, and patterns in it isnt going to help anyone.
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