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    Catalog of Imperial Revit Familes

    So a while back I remember seeing a question about how to create a directory of all your families and I just found a way how...perhaps this has already been posted. I found it to be really cool nonetheless.

    As you can see in the last few lines of the dos image, I have created a txt file with a list of ALL my revit families in a particular directory.

    For example to get an inventory of all families in the imperial here is what you would do
    • Start Dos
    • type in cd ProgramData\Autodesk\RST 2012\Libraries\US Imperial
    • Your dos line should now say c:\programdata\autodesk\rst 2012\libraries\us imperial
    • then type in dir/s>revit.txt

    The dir/s makes it go into all sub folders of the imperial library then revit.txt is just the file name to be saved in the US Imperial folder.

    You should be able to do this if you have custom libraries as well to get a list of all your families!!!
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