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    Hello There,

    I've finally figured out a way to easily get multiple design options on sheets, and wouldn't ya know they call the function "Design Options"...

    The trouble I'm running into now is that I'd like the as measured portion to also show up on the design option - not editable, but at least show like the greyed out portion of the main model.

    My primary design option is the structure of the building itself which wont change/need to be amended by me or anyone in this specific file. And the as measured portion includes current walls and stairs that will remain even in the new design. And if I also have a need for a demolition plan, it is going to run me into the same issue. I can see that what is in the Main Model is visible in all, can you put some pieces on multiple options other than the primary one? Well I know there must be a way, because my "as measured" shows on my main model too, just greyed out...I just don't know how I got it there...

    My googleage also tells me you can, but it doesn't seem to be working to simply select the "Add to set" button - I get the following:
    "Elements that were already in a Design Option were selected. These will not be added to the Option Set." (seems silly to have the option to do so if it just says, you can't)
    Even though I'm in my "as built" option view selecting elements on that view, with "Bay 14" option selected in the drop down. Copy pasting seems to me to defeat the whole loveliness of Revit in that you don't need to update one thing all over the I'd rather not just have multiple copies of the same wall

    Hope this is enough info and hope someone has the time to give some pointers - even if I'm doing it the wrong way...the goal is getting design options easily on sheets - its a commercial building with multiple bays so each bay will have a couple design options, a demo plan, and an as measured plan, and the main model will be the main structure and demising walls that will rarely change.


    The existing building ought to be assigned to the Phase: Existing. This way Revit's phasing features can help document the difference between existing conditions and new construction work, the work that isn't contentious and doesn't involve Design Options. As such only elements that are actually an option should be assigned to Design Options.

    A Design Option Set (I call them the Design Problem) and Design Options (possible solutions) should contain only the elements that are in need of evaluation and resolution. One assumption is that one solution (Design Option) will win and the other options are discarded. Another is like a production home builder that can build a house that offers a variety of options. In the latter all options are kept so documents can show the relevant choices the purchaser makes.

    I suspect your situation is more like the former, a design option will win and the others will not be built. As such you need one Option Set for each discreet problem you need to provide multiple possible solutions for. For example, an Option Set could be the entire floor design inside the building (like open office layout vs. private offices) or it could be more specific like different configurations for a single office or conference room layout.
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      Originally posted by Steve_Stafford View Post
      A Design Option Set (I call them the Design Problem) and Design Options (possible solutions)
      that's a pretty good way to describe that! :thumbsup:
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        BEAutiful! That works just perfectly, and I love the synonymous explanation too, makes it more logical in my noggin.


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