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general question for experienced revit users about text

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    general question for experienced revit users about text

    Hello revit forums!

    Our office is making the switch over to Revit and I am one of the people working on the implementation setup. I've had a couple classes and know most of the basics, but coming from the Microstation world, there are some things I'm having trouble sorting out in Revit.

    Specifically, at this moment I'm trying to set up template files. One of our standard sheets (in microstation) was the project information sheet. In our code jurisdiction, our cover sheets have to show appendix B information. On our microstation version of this sheet, that means long blocks of text with fill in blanks and check boxes.

    I'm wondering if there is some easy way to do this in Revit, but I cannot seem to find it. I can enter the blocks of text, but I would like to automate this text if possible... i.e. text followed by an input field. Included check boxes? Filled boxes you can change the filled or unfilled states? Right now the best I can do is ...(example)

    Name of Project: . .

    Address: . .

    Proposed Use: . .

    Owner or Authorized Agent: Phone: .

    Owned By: City/County Private State

    Code Enforcement Jurisdiction: City . . County . .

    ... which mean rather than just filling in a field, users have to edit all the text each time they do a new project.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    For the spots where you need to fill in the text you can make a coversheet titleblock family. In this family create the required fill-in locations as labels with new shared parameters where appropriate. Then in your template you will need to add those same shared parameters to your project parameters (found on the manage tab), In the check boxes to the right you will need to check in atleast 'Sheet', if you want that information to be able to fill in multiple titleblocks across a project you will also check in 'Project Information' otherwise it will be a sheet by sheet change if 'Project Information' is not also checked.

    For the check boxes, I can't think of a horribly easy way to do those within Revit. I would imagine you would create an annotation family for the titleblock family that can show an open or checked box and use yes/no parameters to control which is seen.


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