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Stair Visibility

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    Stair Visibility

    This is the problem we are experiencing. 3 story building. The stair from level 1 too level 2 shows on the level 2 plan. A portion of the stair that goes from level 2 to level 3 shows correctly. These 2 stairs overlap each other in plan view. How can we get the stairs to display as shown in the attached image. Its driving us crazy. How do you show stairs going from level to level?

    It seems that I need the ability to have 2 cut planes on one plan view.

    I made this image with masking regions and overode view displays. Not a nice way to do it.
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    -Alex Cunningham

    How about using a Plan Region and just make the boundary over the portion where you would like to have a second cut plane. I'm not sure if you might need a break line to hide the transition but I think it might work
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      The fact that the stairs overlap in intermediate floors has always seemed correct to me. But if that is the representation you want, how about using Break_Line.rfa? If you want a break with some white space around it, this detail component is the right tool for the task. In this example, I have two instances, one for each side of the diagonal break line.

      Just be aware that the default break line responds to view range settings, and this detail component will be just sitting on top, unaware of any view range or stair settings.
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