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Fllor materia colous not visible

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    Fllor materia colous not visible

    Hello all,

    I have a section and I put in both my floors the same layers with the same materials. In the one floor I can see the colour that I have asigned for each material, and in the other floor no.

    I noticed that the one floor is Override graphics in View by Material (with the colours) and the other by Category.

    How I can change to have by Material in both?

    Look the attachments.

    Thank you
    Attached Files

    Is one view in shaded with edges vs. hidden line vs. consistent colors? try making a view template out of the one you want, then apply to the other.
    Scott D. Brown, AIA | Senior Project Manager | Beck Group



      How I can make a view template for each layer of the material floor?

      Thank you!


        Go to the view that shows the floor the way you want it to look then click View tab > Graphics panel >View Templates drop-down > Create Template from Current View. Give it a name and then in the other view apply the view template you just created via View Template in project browser or click View tab > Graphics panel >View Templates drop-down > Apply Template Properties to Current View​ and select your view template.


          The reason that I had in the cut pattern the option <By category Override> was because I had assigned already a color in my cut plan By category.

          Thank you for your answer!!


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