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Multiple Plans on one DWG

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    Multiple Plans on one DWG

    I too am wanting to import / Link a DWG to create the model in REVIT 2018. I'm currently watching a Lynda(dot)com video on doing this but have yet to see the answer I need.

    Here's the deal:
    I have the free version of Nanocad just for the purpose of opening and printing and perhaps learning more if and when the time allows but right now I am in a jam. When I open the dwg the entire plan and layout sheet set are scatter all over (see attached). I simply need to accomplish the following ASAP.

    1) Print those sheets to my Brother 11 x 17 printer
    2) Somehow save to a separate file, assuming this is the best way,each floor plan (level) and link each file to it's respective plan level (floor /elevatuib Structure Level) in Revit to create the model.

    I have to believe this is not as difficult as it appears but I am clueless and now, after what feels like endless searching for help, getting frustrated. The file is attached if you would be so kind and offers me some guidance (i.e. steps) to accomplish this task.

    thank you all so very much,

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    Originally posted by Robin Deurloo View Post
    And I would not use the pick line tool to place walls, just to be sure you will not end up with walls that are slightly off axis in case the CAD file is not that accurate.
    uh oh here we go again...


      I do that a lot (got a nice project going where I spend a day figuring out all sorts of blocks in blocks in blocks and they were all Xclipped).
      Anyway, this is what I did:
      1. turn on all layers !!
      2. clean up your drawing with all the levels first
      3. remove stuff you don't need/want and save
      4. copy the drawing file multiple times (for the amount of levels) and name them something smart
      5. open each drawing and remove the level you don't need
      6. move the data in the drawing to your basepoint (0,0,0) for each one so they end up in the same place
      7. LINK into Revit to some view and make sure it is visible only in that view so you don't end up with dwg all over the place

      When I was finished with the dwg's I ended up with HUGE files, so I did a wblock for them afterwards. You can probably do that instead of point 4, 5 and 6, but I only thought about that when I was done

      And yes, the post Karalon10 quoted from me is also valid in this case
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