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    EU / Danish Graphic Standards

    Hello! I am working with Revit 2018 in Copenhagen. Currently our component library is based off of US Metric Standards. Is there a way to swiftly adjust our annotated graphics, such as electrial labs, light labels etc. to meet EU / Danish graphic standards? I know I can of course manually adjust them all as we go - but is there a downloadable package? If anyone has suggestions, or helpful resources we'd love to hear about them.
    Thanks for the help!

    Should be a "Denmark" specific folder installed with Revit....
    ProgramData/Autodesk/RVT 2018/Libraries/Denmark

    But you'll most likely want to customize the annotations anyhow, to match your company standards.
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      Originally posted by Lobolab2100 View Post
      Is there a way to swiftly adjust our annotated graphics?
      No. Not with the basic content, which is usually quite poor.
      Its a good idea to make a basic family that is just a parametric block with a symbol that you can switch for new symbols whenever you need something.
      Make it really simple and inexperienced users can make new symbols or adjust the 3D block size themselves.

      I would recommend that you make a parametric block, with length, width, height etc.
      Then make a standard Detail Item template for all your symbols. (Standard line type, size etc). (You can use Generic Annotations but Detail Items are better)
      Make the Detail Item shared and place it in the block family.
      Create a Family Type<Detail Item> type parameter and link it to the Detail Item with Label.
      Save this family as whatever Categories you need (Electrical fixture, Lighting device etc)
      Load these blocks and the standard Detail Item symbol in a project.

      Now if you need a new symbol in the project you can do the following;
      Edit the standard symbol and draw whatever new symbol you need.
      Save the new symbol with a new name.
      Load the new symbol into your project.
      Select the block for the category you want to use, eg. Electrical fixture.
      Duplicate Type and select the new symbol. It will appear in the list under the Family Type parameter that you made.

      Do that for every symbol in a couple of projects and you will soon have a complete library of family types with the right categories and symbols.
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