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Revit LT + Tekla Structural Link _ Better workflow?

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    Revit LT + Tekla Structural Link _ Better workflow?

    At the moment our office is working on project, using REVIT LT version.
    We receive structural model from engineers made in TEKLA and we link it to revit.
    The problem is that it is not possible to host any elements such as doors and windows in a structural model link.
    The only way is to recreate it. That is why we are using a multi-wall approach for modelling. Mainly the wall contains of three types of walls:
    1. Exterior (Insulation, Cladding...)
    2. Core (wall from a structural link which is recreated)
    3. Interior (Screed, Paint...)
    That type of workflow gives quite a precise geometry, but it takes quite a lot of time.
    Maybe someone can advice a better workflow?

    You would not want to host to linked model elements even if you could.

    We model the "fill" inside an opening (created by others) to place/host such elements.


      That is the option. but how about stairs then? For example i got structural stairs and i need thread finish to apply to it? If to model it on top of structural link as in place component it will not show up properly in the view. I mean cut lines and dashed lines...


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