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glass panel railing at stair landing

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    glass panel railing at stair landing

    i have a stair with a glass panel railing and at the the landing the panels do not seem to connect or join as one might think they would. the panel is a 24" wide glass panel that is my baluster. i am not sure where I went wrong. i am attaching a screen shot of the stair and railing and also attaching the stair and railing revit file
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    Long story short: You will basically want four Revit Railings there:

    1. Bottom Run
    2. Landing
    3. Top Run
    4. Continuous Handrail

    Trying to do it all in one rail and have it work is a joke, in Revit.
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      If it just glass with no supports, I'd just use a wall or curtain wall and modify the profile. If you need supports use balusters and modify the wall profile accordingly.
      Michael "MP" Patrick (Deceased - R.I.P)


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