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Flat & Sloping Ceiling intersections

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    Flat & Sloping Ceiling intersections

    I've been trying to get the intersection of a flat ceiling and a sloping ceiling to match the following AutoCAD detail:

    What I have done so far:
    • I have a reference plane set for the underside of the timber rafter
    • The sloping ceiling is a compound ceiling containing both the GWB and insulation layers (though I don't mind separating them)
    • The flat ceiling is another compound ceiling but contains only a single layer of GWB
    • I have a Ref Plane set at the room-side intersection of both finishes
    • The sloping ceiling is defined by slope to match the the roof pitch (40 degrees) and the left boundary of the sketch stops at the ref plane.

    This is what I currently have:

    Any recommendations how I can get the intended ceiling intersection?

    You can go the extra mile and use a void to cut the ceiling, or use the Cut Profile tool and adjust it in your view.
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      Thanks for the suggestion.

      I managed to find an acceptable solution on another post I read yesterday; I kept the flat ceiling as a ceiling but created the sloping ceiling as a roof and used the cutoff value to provide the horizontal cut I was looking for.


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