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3 Phases / 3 Graphical Overides / 1 View

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    3 Phases / 3 Graphical Overides / 1 View


    How does one show three phases in the same view with three different graphical overrides for each phase ie. A 3d view with Existing = Grey / Phase 1 = Red / Phase 2 = Blue

    So far I have tried various phasing set-ups, various phasing filters and various view filters with no luck in achieving this.

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    Craig Howie
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    The only way to do it (without hacking it with filters and standard view overrides) is overlayed views on the sheet. Be aware, if you do that you DO have to deal with draw order (placement order) and obviously certain items cant be in the "top most" views (Floors). Weve had to do that for some Hospital fit outs, and it works wonderfully. I still prefer this to the Filter/manual Override method, but its really just personal preference.
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      Overlayed Views on sheet is one way. Upside: no setting up and maintaining parameters and filters. Downside: you need to deal with draw order.
      The other way is explained in these blogs:

      Part 1
      Part 2
      Part 3

      This blog was set up with two phases and limited to walls, but the method can be used on any number of phases and categories.
      Upside: no possible problems with drawing orders and elements being obscured. Downside: you have to coordinate the parameters and set up the filters.
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        Martijn's 3 part article was added to the Revit Wikihelp. Thank you for allowing me to re-post.
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