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    Downloading more families?

    Hey so I was wondering if/where I could download more furniture families on Revit? I've googled this of course but a bunch of foreign websites pop up and because I'm rather new, I don't know which sites are safe/trusted or not.

    For example, the current families that come with Revit, in particular the doors, are not really that nice. Where could I find nicer doors?

    Why not build your own so you can make exactly what you want/need?
    I have not found any doors or windows on the web I like (not that I looked very hard) and made them myself the way I want them to be. Sure, it takes some time, but you will be able to use them until the end of days.

    There are some furniture families out there that are nice. Herman Miller has lots of them for example but depending on what you want you might be getting a lot of unwanted stuff into your project. So you might want to clean up the families you get from the web first before getting them into your project, just to be sure.
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        This two sites is all that I need if I'm looking for an object I don't have and if its urgent, for the rest I model my own families,
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