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Design Options - Make object available to be edited for both

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    Design Options - Make object available to be edited for both

    I have a project where there is two design options. A coworker had done most of option 1, and from there, set up option 2 for me to complete, he somehow set it up in such a way that elements he created in option 1 were available for editing in option 2 (of course once edited, the changes from there would only be applied within the current option). throughout the day, he added elements to option 1, and they happen to be similar to option 2. Is there a way I can make that object available to edit and modify in option 2 even though it was made and edited in option 1? Basically, I don't know what procedure he did to make the objects that he made in option 1 available in option 2. I want to have basically use the completed option 1 and use that as a
    'template' if you will for option 2 if that makes sense. I notice that some objects are available to edit in both option 1 and option 2 which he had set up and that's what I am trying to achieve

    Example. A brick wall with a 4x4 window is created in option 1. Some procedure is done (which i am asking about) where this brick wall with the 4x4 window is available for editing in option 2. once in option 2, I decide to make the window 8x8. This of course DOES NOT affect option 1, but somehow I can start with the brick wall and 4x4 window from option 1 as a 'template' and make changes in option 2.

    How do I do this?
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    Edit / activate the Option with the objects you want and copy them (to the clipboard). Edit / activate the Option you want them in, and Paste Aligned / Same Place.

    Or you could delete that Option and duplicate Option 1 as your new Option.
    Chris Ellersick


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